risk management for the construction industry

Insurance Risk Services

Insurance Risk Services serves the building community in two specific ways:  Sub-Contractor Qualification/Monitoring and Administration of Owner or Contractor-controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP and CCIP).

For Building Contractors we qualify and monitor your Sub-Contractors for you including:

  • Obtain an executed Sub-Contractor Agreement for each of your Sub-Contractors.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Insurance and Additional Ensured Endorsement for each of your Sub-Contractors.
  • Monitor your Sub-Contractors' Certificates of Insurance expiration dates and request renewals.
  • Request and review policy exclusions received from Sub-Contractors and their Insurance Agents.
  • Initial check of the Sub-Contractor on NCCI and L&I website for experience factors and appropriate classification of work.
  • Monitor Sub-Contractors' L&I/Workers Compensation premium status and notify you if they become delinquent.
  • Provide monthly status report showing compliance of each Sub-Contractor.
  • Provide General Liability Audit assistance. Provide monthly status report.
  • Provide electronic data retention on and off-site.

Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) administration including:

  • Provide project/policy customized OCIP/CCIP Manual and Enrollment Forms.
  • Offer bid credit formulas and verify bid credits for Sub-Contractors.
  • Enroll Sub-Contractors in the OCIP/CCIP as required by OCIP/CCIP Policy Carrier.
  • Request and obtain required documentation necessary to enroll Sub-Contractor into the OCIP/CCIP.
  • Request and obtain Certificate of Insurance and proper Additional Insured Endorsement forms from each Sub-Contractor.
  • Track expiration dates and request renewals for Certificates of Insurance.
  • Electronically save OCIP/CCIP documentation for each enrolled Sub-Contractor in the OCIP on and off-site.
  • Provide monthly status report to Client and General Contractor to include all activity and status of Sub-Contractors from the previous month.